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Prearranged & Prepaid Funeral
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There are three primary reasons why people consider buying a "funeral in advance" or making funeral arrangements for themselves and paying for them now:

  • To fix the cost or inflation-proof the price of the funeral.
  • To remove the burden of funeral arrangements from relatives, and
  • To make sure that the "type and style" of a funeral that an individual may want is carried out to the letter. These requests may include a green, eco or environmentally friendly funeral using a cardboard coffin in conjunction with a Coffin Cover, a bamboo coffin or wicker coffin; where the service should be held; perhaps a woodland burial or where, in the case of cremation, the cremated remains or ashes should be scattered. (For more details and information see Pre-funeral planning).

  Further information

Funeral expenses are made up of two separate parts:

  • Funeral Directors' own charges for their services and the products they provide such as a coffin, staff and overheads etc; and
  • Disbursements, fees that are usually paid for by the Funeral Director but these products and services are supplied by a third party with the Funeral Director having no direct control over them. The disbursements include a cremation or burial fee, Doctor's fees, a Minister's fee, flowers etc.


Most funeral plans will allow the Funeral Director's charges to be pre-paid in full and guarantee that the plan holder will not have to pay any more in the future. This is NOT usually the case with Disbursements because the Funeral Director has no control over the future increase in charges made by someone else. Therefore, disbursements costs paid in advance may have to be "topped up" at the time of the funeral.

Security of Funds:

If you are considering joining a prepaid funeral scheme you need to be absolutely confident that the future cost of the Funeral Director’s charges, which represent the majority of funeral costs, will be covered. A few questions now will give you peace of mind before you part with your savings. Check that your money will be buying a guaranteed Whole of Life Policy or go straight into an independent trust fund that is accounted for separately to the funeral planning company. Make sure you know what you are getting for your money and find out how much the non-refundable administration charge will be.

The security of your funds must be the key concern to consider; other concerns you should satisfy yourself about are:

  • Does the plan you are considering provide a contribution towards the cost of fees and charges outside the control of the Funeral Director such as crematorium fees, doctor's certificates and the basic minister's fee? (This does not usually include the minister's travelling expenses.) These charges are known as disbursements and make up an essential part of the overall funeral cost.

    If you wish to be buried it is important to know what the plan covers, most plans only allow for a contribution due to escalating charges relating to the cost of burials. (Some council authorities charge double fees for non-residents wanting to be buried within their area. These charges may not be included in any plan, but you do need to be aware of them.)
  • Does the plan guarantee to cover the cost of specified Funeral Director's services, when required — no matter what the costs might be in the future?
  • Does the plan cover the removal of the deceased day or night? Some plans may not cover the cost of an out-of-hours removal and you need to be aware of any extra costs.
  • Does the plan include the removal of the deceased from anywhere in the United Kingdom?
  • If you move to another part of the country can you take your plan with you or can you get your money back?
  • Is the funeral planning company a member of an established trade organisation such as the Funeral Planning Authority?

If you are considering a prearranged funeral plan, please take the time to make a Will if you have not already done so. See Making a will

  Concerned about the increasing cost of funerals?

Perhaps we can help. May we introduce you to The Green Funeral Plan from Perfect Choice.

Peace of mind

Everyone has a different idea about the kind of funeral they would like and inevitably the life we live today will be reflected in the type of funeral we will have; whether it is your concern for the environment and the world our children and grand children will grow up in, it could be your dedication to the Church that influences the venue for the service or it could be that you just "want to keep things simple". All your wishes and requests can be accommodated within the Green Funeral Plan from Perfect Choice.

Financial security

Perfect Choice Funeral Plans are operated by NAFD Services Ltd, a company formed by the National Association of Funeral Directors with the specific aim of looking after a client's investment and providing peace of mind. All monies received by the Company for a Perfect Choice Funeral Plan will be used to purchase a Whole of Life Assurance Policy with Ecclesiastical Life Limited. The Whole of Life Policy will be owned by the Company for the purpose of providing a funeral. The policy ensures that the funds will be available to pay the Funeral Director without further recourse to you or your personal representatives.

Terms and Conditions are detailed below.

Exclusive to this website – The Green Funeral Plan from Perfect Choice

Exclusive to this website is the "Green Funeral Plan" that will enable anyone with a concern for the environment to choose a coffin made of recycled material such as cardboard or made of a natural material that is grown in a sustainable way such as bamboo or willow.

Other environmental considerations may include a woodland burial with a tree planted on the grave instead of a traditional headstone. For many people the very thought of cremating an expensive coffin would be completely contrary to the way they live their day to day lives. Whatever your thoughts The Green Funeral Plan will give you a starting point for how you would like your funeral to be. For further information and guidance please use the online enquiry form.

  The Green Funeral Plan - the way nature intended

The Green Funeral Plan offers you a simple, straight forward funeral arrangement with a choice of environmentally friendly coffins and with the flexibility to add your own individual wishes whilst still retaining all of the dignity and attention to detail you would expect.

It includes:

  • The services of your Funeral Director.
  • Provision of necessary funeral arrangements.
  • Professional advice on certification and registration of death.
  • Conveyance of the deceased, within a ten mile radius, to the Funeral Director's premises.
  • Care of the deceased until the cremation or burial takes place.
  • Provision of the cardboard coffin within a Coffin Cover, a bamboo or willow coffin.
  • Provision for viewing the deceased by appointment.
  • Provision of a hearse to convey the deceased to the nearest crematorium or cemetery.
  • A contribution towards the fees payable to third parties.

The Green funeral Plan is flexible and you can add to or change it at any time in the future.

Please note: different cemeteries have different regulations in terms of purchasing plots. If you let us know which cemetery you would prefer to use we will make the necessary enquiries on your behalf and work with you to ensure your wishes are fulfilled as far as possible.

Funeral Directors' Charges (Guaranteed Services)

The Green Funeral Plan from Perfect Choice

The service of the Funeral Director, support and assistance

Provision of all necessary funeral arrangements

Professional advice on Certification and Registration of Death

Conveyance of the deceased, within a ten mile radius, to the Funeral Director's premises

Care of the deceased until the cremation or burial takes place

A choice of environmentally friendly coffins including Cardboard Coffin with outer Coffin Cover (See the Coffin Cover page), Bamboo Coffin or a Willow Coffin

Provision of a hearse to convey the Deceased to the nearest Cemetery or Crematorium

A disbursement contribution of £700 is included to contribute to Doctor's Certificates, Minister's fee and a cremation fee, or towards the cost of a burial.

Disbursement charges are third party costs that are outside the control of the Funeral Director. The Perfect Choice Funeral Plan guarantees to cover a rise in the total cost of the amount paid towards third party costs in line with movements in the ‘All Items’ UK measure of the Retail Price Index (RPI) as produced by the Office for National Statistics. If, however, disbursements increase at a rate in excess of RPI movements then the balance shortfall must be paid for at the time of the funeral.

Price of the Green Funeral Plan


Administration Charge (Non refundable)


If you would like further advice, a brochure and quotation, please use the online enquiry form.

If the Green Funeral Plan does not meet your requirements please use the online enquiry form to find out about other Perfect Choice Funeral Plans which may be more suited to you or we can arrange for a Funeral Director to discuss your individual requirements directly.

  Instalment options

Choice of Instalment Plans. Typical APR 10.5%

The Green Funeral Plan from Perfect Choice

12 monthly payments:

1st Payment
11 payments of
Total Credit
Total Amount Payable over 12 months
Additional Cost



24 monthly payments:

1st Payment
11 payments of
Total Credit
Total Amount Payable over 24 months
Additional Cost



36 monthly payments:

1st Payment
11 payments of
Total Credit
Total Amount Payable over 36 months
Additional Cost



48 monthly payments:

1st Payment
11 payments of
Total Credit
Total Amount Payable over 48 months
Additional Cost



60 monthly payments:

1st Payment
11 payments of
Total Credit
Total Amount Payable over 60 months
Additional Cost



If you choose to pay by instalment options, you will need to post the direct debit form and a cheque for your first payment to us. You will be sent a credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974 confirming the terms of payment. This agreement needs to be signed and returned.

  Your questions answered

Q. What happens if I move to a different part of the country?

A. The NAFD has so many members you should be able to transfer your plan to an accredited Funeral Director near your new home.

Q. What happens if I die abroad?

A. The Green Funeral Plan does not cover the cost of a funeral abroad, or the cost of repatriating the deceased. It is therefore important that your travel policy adequately covers this eventuality. Usually a travel policy will cover the cost of repatriation to a local Funeral Director, at this point your Green Funeral Plan will become effective.

Q. Can I buy a funeral for someone else?

A. Yes. We find that many people choose this option, perhaps for relatives who have limited financial means or who are unable to make the necessary decisions themselves.

Q. Can I pay for my Green Funeral from Perfect Choice by instalments?

A. Yes, you are able to pay over a number of different set terms from 12 months to 5 years.

Q. Is the plan guaranteed to cover the entire cost of the funeral?

A. The Plan is guaranteed to cover the cost of the Funeral Director's charges specified within the Purchase Agreement. Any money you may have paid towards the cost of payments to third parties will rise in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI)*. These payments include doctors, clergy and crematorium fees etc. If the cost of these payments increase at a rate in excess of the RPI, then your next of kin/executor will be required to pay for the shortfall. Please refer to section 4.4 of the Terms and Conditions below for full details.

Q. Who is eligible?

A. Anyone aged 18 or over. There is no upper age limit.

Q. Can my arrangements be changed or cancelled?

A. Yes. All you need to do is contact us about any changes you wish to make (bearing in mind there may be an additional cost). If you choose to cancel the plan after 14 days from the date of purchase you will receive a full refund, less the administration fee.

Q. Is there Value Added Tax ("VAT") on a funeral?

A. Your Plan price does not include VAT because VAT is not currently charged on a funeral service. However, if VAT becomes chargeable on all or part of a funeral service in the future, your Estate or your Personal Representative must pay that VAT at the time of the funeral.

  Terms and conditions

Please contact us for a copy of the terms and conditions.

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