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The dictionary describes a coffin as a "box in which a corpse is buried or cremated" but for anyone who needs to purchase one, a coffin is an emotional symbol of a close relative now deceased.

For some families a coffin represents "the way someone lived their life"; it may be the best that money can buy or a simple coffin. For many, the coffin is a necessary and unavoidable purchase that simply performs a practical function and "it does'nt matter what it's made from if it's going to be cremated". This point of view may also reflect the expressed wish of a relative before they passed away.

The Coffin Cover arrangement is a new and unique innovation in coffin design that combines all the necessary requirements of the traditional coffin with an enhanced visual appearance.

What makes the Coffin Cover arrangement different is that it contains a separate internal coffin that is made of a simple biodegradable material that is removed from the outer Coffin Cover prior to the cremation or the burial taking place.

The simple and practical internal coffin is the only item that a family need to purchase for the funeral because the outer Coffin Cover can be used again and again. The internal coffin is very low cost to produce and the savings are passed on to the family.

The Coffin Cover arrangement was developed using the best of all existing coffin features and combines them with several original designs to provide a solution to current environmental, social and financial concerns a family may have when faced with making funeral arrangements.

The Coffin Cover

The Coffin Cover has been developed with practicality and affordability in mind for those making funeral arrangements while at the same time respecting the dignity and reverence of the deceased.

The Coffin Cover ...

  • Provides all the benefits of the traditional coffin, including a removable lid, so that relatives and friends can pay their respects.
  • Reduces the cost of a traditional funeral by as much as several hundred pounds by removing the need to purchase and cremate high quality hand fiished products like the traditional coffin.
  • Helps protect the environment by reducing the number of trees that need to be cut down to provide solid timber and veneers for coffin and casket production.
  • Can be folded flat once the simple internal coffin has been removed so that it can be discreetly taken from the crematorium.
  • Provides a much higher quality coffin appearance than most people would normally purchase for a funeral and provides a greater presence compared to a traditional coffin.

  What is a Coffin Cover arrangement?

The Coffin Cover is effectively an external protective shell that provides a dignified means of transport for the simple coffin inside.

The Coffin Cover is a handmade veneered casket, shaped to provide a distinctive traditional appearance that will lend presence and dignity to any funeral. Concealed discreetly inside is a separate internal coffin that is lined to provide peace of mind to those who would want to spend time viewing the deceased.

The simple internal coffin is made of an environmentally friendly material such as cardboard or recycled composite material. It is this internal coffin that is removed from the outer Coffin Cover and cremated following the funeral service at the crematorium.

The outer Coffin Cover never comes into direct contact with the deceased and can be re-used on other occasions.

There is only a charge for the simple internal coffin.

The outer Coffin Cover is a traditional dignified casket shaped coffin that contains a simple and practical internal coffin that can be removed and cremated without disturbing the deceased.

The interior is lined in ivory satin. Further colours are available at additional cost. The external Coffin Cover is made of veneered oak panels in a natural colour and polished to a smooth gloss finish. With the internal coffin removed, the Coffin Cover can be used again. *Oak veneers come from trees managed to the highest environmental standards.

It is important to understand that the Coffin Cover does NOT directly contain the body of the deceased, the Coffin Cover is simply an outer "shell" or "cover" for a simple internal coffin.

  How does the Coffin Cover arrangement work?

When a close relative or friend dies, some people would prefer to "remember them as they were when they were alive"; in these circumstances the coffin may be closed. For other people, the opportunity to pay their final respects is a "chance to say farewell", or a final chance for relatives and friends to pay their last respects. Some people take this opportunity to place flowers or a photograph inside the coffin. The Coffin Cover provides these opportunities.

The Coffin Cover

At the commencement of the funeral the internal coffin will be closed followed by the external Coffin Cover. The final journey may be direct to the crematorium or cemetery or via a church or other service venue. The quality and style of the Coffin Cover will ensure dignity throughout the final journey.

Internal and external coffin closed

The Coffin Cover provides a more aesthetically pleasing appearance than a cardboard coffin for the funeral service. It is important to understand that the Coffin Cover does NOT contain or come into contact with the deceased, it is simply a superficial covering for a simple internal coffin.

At the end of the service when the family and friends have left the crematorium chapel, the internal coffin will be removed from the external Coffin Cover and cremated. The Coffin Cover arrangement provides a practical solution to cremating high quality and expensive materials.

For a burial in the cemetery, the internal coffin can be removed from the Coffin Cover before the coffin is placed in the grave, under these circumstances the internal coffin will be visible to relatives and friends who attend the interment. The Coffin Cover will usually be left inside the hearse. This arrangement will vary and should be discussed fully with the Funeral Director at the time of making the arrangements.

The internal cardboard coffin is made from extra thick "Toughwall" double thickness corrugated board with an additional internal lining for support along the base to provide all the practical requirements needed from a coffin. Each coffin is provided with three die-cut handles on each side and one at each end. Internal cardboard coffins can be sold separately for Woodland, Green or alternative funerals where individual requests may include a painted coffin. The Coffin Cover provides flexibility and a common sense approach to funerals.

Internal coffin being removed from Coffin Cover

When the coffin inside has been removed the Coffin Cover can be quickly and easily dismantled and folded down to ensure that it can be discreetly removed from the crematorium and stored at the funeral directors premises.

Coffin Cover being dismantled and folded down

  How much does the Coffin Cover cost?

For the outer cover there is NO CHARGE. These items belong to the Funeral Director and will be used again. The only items that a family must purchase are: the simple internal coffin, waterproof lining, elasticated frill, pillow support and two plaques for identification purposes. The cost for these items and a proportion of the funeral directors overheads will be charged accordingly, for detailed charges please contact your local Funeral Director with a Coffin Cover.

PLEASE NOTE. Where the deceased is wearing clothing provided by the family, there will be no further charges. Where a family require a shroud, dressing gown or robe an additional charge will be made by the Funeral Director concerned.

  Your questions answered

Q. Why do they cremate every coffin?

A. The Code of Cremation Practice set out by the Federation of British Cremation Authorities is very strict and requires that "... the coffin and its contents shall be put into the cremator exactly as they have been received on the catafalque". (The catafalque is the platform on which the coffin lies at the front of the chapel.)

Q. If every coffin is cremated, what happens to the external Coffin Cover?

A. The external Coffin Cover is a shell that surrounds the actual coffin that carries the deceased. The Coffin Cover can be removed in much the same way as a flag that may cover a coffin at the funeral.

Q. What else does the Federation Of British Cremation Authorities Code of Cremation Practice say about coffin covers?

A. "If a coffin is encased, the cover and the coffin must bear adequate identity of the deceased person ... When a re-usable coffin cover is used to encase a coffin, a signed authority must be given by the Applicant (executor or next of kin) for the cremation authorising its use and consenting to its subsequent removal from the Crematorium."

Q. Why hasn't this been thought of before?

A. Almost every aspect has been thought of before the internal coffin, the open casket, the biodegradable coffin, the outer cover - but this is the first time everything has been brought together in one unique and dignified arrangement.

Q. Who can supply the Coffin Cover arrangement?

A The Coffin Cover is a unique concept with all the designs registered with Patents pending. Contact Joseph A. Hey & Son Ltd, 470 Great Horton Road, Bradford BD7 3HR Tel 01274 571021. If you feel that the Coffin Cover arrangement is the right option for you or your family, contact your local funeral director and ask them if they can provide the service.

Q. I only want to buy the internal cardboard coffin where can I get one?

A. The internal coffin is available separately and can be purchased from an authorised Funeral Director or from Joseph A. Hey & Son directly by post - Tel 01274 571021.

Please note: in the interests of public safety orders will only be accepted if payment is received in full by credit/debit card and a verifiable fixed line telephone number is received.

Q. What practical limitations are there in using the Coffin Cover?

A. Presently, two sizes of internal coffin are available:

62 in length, 22 wide and 13" deep, or

62 in length, 20 wide and 12" deep.

For a person who may be larger than the sizes shown, the family would need to purchase a traditional coffin of the appropriate size.

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